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Download Morpheus ABX Picker

One of the tools that I use regularly in my personal workflow is a character picker GUI. Using a picker can be a big time saver while animating because you don’t have to work as hard to find and select the control you want to use. Josh Burton did a great job with the Morpheus rig, but one of the things that never got fully implemented into version 1 of the rig was a functional picker. So, I created one using Adam Burke’s ABX picker. I used version 2.0 of the script, which you can get from AnimSchool here. Alternatively, you can also use the MG-Picker Studio found here.

How to use:

1. Install the ABX 2.0 or MG-Picker Studio script into your Maya scripts directory.

2. Open Maya, create a new file, and reference the Morpheus rig into your scene.

3. Import into the scene.

4. Open the Reference Editor (In the File Menu)


5. In the Reference Editor, select the Morpheus rig file. You can either copy the existing Namespace name or create a new one that is more manageable.

6. Open the Outliner


7. Rename the “Morpheus_ABXPicker2011:Body_PIKR” and “Morpheus_ABXPicker2011:Face_PIKR” nodes so that the namespace is the same as the Morpheus rig (as seen in the above screenshot).

8. Run the ABX Picker Script:

source "abxPicker.mel"; abxPicker;

9. To dock your Picker to either side of your Maya window you can use the code:

Right side: dockControl -area right -content abxPickerWindow abxPickerDC;

Left side: dockControl -area left -content abxPickerWindow abxPickerDC;

10. To remove the picker from dock, run:

deleteUI -control abxPickerDC;

11. If you have multiple characters, you can duplicate the picker nodes and change the namespace to match the other characters.

Download Morpheus ABX Picker

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